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Hi there and welcome to this site. The site has been online for approximately 4 years, but is - and will be, under constant development. Any suggestions about how to improve the site will be received with gratitude. Simply use the link and send a message to the webmaster.

The main purpose of the site is to gather and organize information, systemize all kinds of different resources and much more - as long as it is related to the fine art of video editing - or editing video. Links to tutorials, fonts, jargon, training, images, software, magazines, reviews, cameras and much more is found throughout the site. Even links to major publishers has been added.

A personal selection of the best tips when editing and creating video has been written down in Killer Tips. Additionally there is a page for Hardware with links to different hardware and equipment that might be useful when trying to make your masterpiece.

The pages have been thoroughly tested and checked. Validation has been done through W3C. The pages have been tested using the following browsers (and should look almost identical in all of them):

Any changes or additional content to the site will be announced under History And Site Storage.

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Hello. These pages are no longer subject to regular updates and will most likely be removed soon. If you should have an interest in this domain, please let me know and maybe we can make a deal. In the meanwhile you are of course free to make use of the available resources on the site.